The Åbo Akademi University campus milieu is a combination of donated
residential homes and old factory storehouses as well as modern
buildings. Many of the buildings are a combination of preserved structure and new materials. Norlit 2017 conference takes place in two separate although adjacent buildings within the campus area.

Arken is the center for the Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology,
located in Fabriksgatan 2 (Tehtaankatu 2). It is an old industrial area with buildings from 1850’s to 1930’s, where the company Åbo Jernmanufaktur had their storehouses. The Library-wing is the oldest part remaining today. The transformation into Åbo Akademi University took place in 2003.

The ASA building is located in Fabriksgatan 3b. The ASA building is
named after ASA Radio Oy, founded by Arvo Andrea Sakrelius in the
1920’s. The company is best known for their portable radios, which
were manufactured in the building during 1940-1974, after which Åbo
Akademi University took over the building.

Map of Åbo Akademi University campus

About Åbo Akademi University

Social events & locations:

Thursday Conference Reception 18:30: Turku City Hall (Aurankatu/Auragatan 2)
Friday Lunch 11:45-13:15: Restaurant Hus Lindman (Piispankatu/Biskopsgatan 15)
Friday Dinner 19:00: Restaurant Koulu (Eerikinkatu/Eriksgatan 18)